Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I went to the Two Towers movie a few days ago at the local cheap theater. It was good, long, boring and meandering.

The first half was pretty dull, the second was quite exciting. Gollum was good, as many people told me months ago. The effects were very good. Gandalf fighting that fire thing at the beginning was great. I love the Eye of Mordor.

Unfortunately, there are so many plots it's hard to know why I should care about anybody but Frodo. That's why the books are crap too.

The best actors were Frodo and Theoden.

The dialogue is really laughable sometimes. Sentence fragments backwards speak in we must! Or, terse sentences that Hemingway wouldn't even use. And hailing from the department of the obvious -- Legolas the Elf and Samwise Gamgee. To quote Homer Simpson, "What are you, the narrator?"