Sunday, April 25, 2004

I went to Kraftwerk last Friday (04/23) in Toronto. The show was at the Ricoh Coliseum, which is part of the CNE.

Short review: what a great show. Go see them. They don't tour often.

Long review: Kraftwerk were very good. Four guys on a stage on a raised platform, dressed identically in black suits with red ties. Each was standing at keyboard with a laptop on top. I couldn't tell you what they were actually doing, they certainly didn't move much.

Behind them was a very wide screen, with three projectors making the pictures. They had full videos for every song. No extra lighting or lasers.

They did all their most famous songs, including Trance Europe Express, Autobahn, Tour de France, Numbers, Radioactivity and so on.

I think anybody who likes dance music would have enjoyed the show. Quite simply, almost all of today's dance music can be traced back to them. Every electro track that's ever been written, most techno, and most prog and trance could be heard in their tracks. I admit they've probably updated their sound since the original releases, mostly with heavier bass and more lush production.

They did a prog version of Tour de France which could easily be played by John Digweed at any Bedrock night.

They did the original Tour de France, which is the granddaddy of every melodic breaks track ever.

Their version of Radioactivity was just as good, and maybe better, than Atlas - Compass Error (Tarrentella vs. Redanka mix). (And I love that Atlas track.)

Trance Europe Express sounds like everything Autechre's ever written.

And yes, the robots did perform. People cheered just as loudly for them. I still don't know what to make of that.

After the robots they came back on wearing suits that glowed like skeletons in UV light. They exited the stage one by one, until it was over. But their music was still playing, and the last track was of course "Music Non Stop", with the vocals repeating over and over.

I will try and upload some pictures to my webshots album soon. Most are a little shaky, since I was far away, at full zoom, and the long exposures didn't help.

Anyway, see them if you can.