Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Dance Music Loses Pioneer

Very sad news to me. Caspar Pound, an originator and big mover in the dance music scene of the early 90s has died. A death notice is at the Silver Planet website. Caspar was a producer, recording artist and label owner. He is best known for his recordings as part of A Homeboy, A Hippi and a Funki Dredd and his ownership of Rising High Records. Their track "Total Confusion" was the original hardcore track, as well as "Start the Panic." These were the template for hardcore rave, with all its bleeps, samples, acid and breakbeats, which became jungle, which became drum'n'bass.

He also remixed, produced, and collaborated with others as Dominatrix, Dub Collective, The Hypnotist, Rising High Collective, New London School of Electronics and White Trash Gold Diggaz. Some of his best known remixes are Union Jack's Two Full Moons and a Trout on Platipus, Union Jack's Red Herring, The Shamen's Move Any Mountain, Barbarella's Barbarella, OBX's Eternal Prayer, and many, many others. A full list is here.

Caspar was the owner and founder of Rising High Records, one of my favourite labels ever. They released, house, progressive house, techno, trance and ambient. They were responsible for bringing the original trance and ambient sounds of 92-94 to England, especially by importing and relicensing tracks from Sven Vath's Harthouse and Pete Namlook's FAX. Artists like Wagon Christ, Air Liquide, Hardfloor, The Irrististible Force, The Black Dog and others had their earliest or first releases on Rising High.

After Rising High collapsed, he left quite a few enemies who hadn't been properly paid. Still, he continued on and remained in the dance music scene, doing the occasional remix and issuing the occasional release.

He will be missed by many.