Monday, June 14, 2004

Stupid Things People Do

Driving around St. Catharines this past weekend, I was struck by not one, but three, really stupid personalized plates. Ontario's Ministry of Transportation has a special program of customized plates. The MTO says:
Once reserved, your plate must still pass a review committee, which may reject the plate if it is considered to be objectionable, for example:


Note that stupid isn't in there. That said, on to the plates:

FARR T: Disgusting. I'm surprised this was even allowed. I don't care if the guy's real name is T. Farr.
OPRAH: You're not Oprah, and you're not her biggest fan. She doesn't need extra advertising, so what the hell were you thinking?
A1 TWIT: Since there aren't (many) laws protecting people from their own stupidity, I guess if someone wants to label himself an A1 twit, he's perfectly able to.

Oh yeah, these people all paid $225 extra, in addition to the normal annual licensing fees, which are about $75, for the privilege of making themselves look stupid. Way to go!