Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Aphex Twin, aka AFX, Caustic Window and other names, is up to his tricks again. After numerous scattered releases throughout the past few years, he's releasing a series of ten 12" eps on Rephlex, the label he helped found.

Here's the mailout info:

AFX: Analord 01 12" (REPHLEX) RICHARD D. JAMES WILL RELEASE 10 VINYL-ONLY 12"'S IN 2005 (APPROX. MONTHLY)RELEASE DATE: 01/25/2005. "These records are the first
in the eagerly anticipated Analord series. They are produced by Richard D. James. The style is rhythmic & melodic electronic music in the much-loved AFX style. The music is suitable for public performance as well as home listening. Rephlex strongly recommends this series, among its most entertaining and fulfilling music."

I'm quite conflicted about whether I should by these or not. Basically, I gave up buying vinyl more than a year ago. I'm just not using it at home, or dj'ing. Mostly mp3s and cds today.

Also, Mr. James' releases have become a little bit hit-and-miss over the years. It's not the uniformly stunning releases of the early 90s.

$8.99 times 10 record is $90, plus shipping, so, over $100. If Rephlex sold mp3s, I'd be first in line, but so far they don't, at least not through, the Warp record mp3 store. They are selling the binder to hold them now.