Monday, January 03, 2005

I tried burning a cd of some film I shot before Christmas last night. Didn't go very well. The editing was done in Microsoft Movie Maker, which has been widely praised as an easy to use and free editor. It was easy to use, and had a nice "Save to CD" icon. So I did that last night.

What it doesn't tell you, is that it burns a HighMAT format disc, not a plain old VideoCD or Super VideoCD. The only thing that plays a HighMAT format disc is the newest Panasonic DVD players. There is no option to burn a VideoCD or Super VideoCD.

Of course, Pinnacle SE won't import the Movie Maker file, so all my work may need to be redone, if I want to make this playable on any common players. Thanks, Microsoft. This is not the way to dominate the market.