Monday, March 14, 2005

Some reviews:

I watched the movie Signs this weekend. Spoiler alert: I allude to, and make fun of, the ending. In between gaping silences and mumbled, whispered lines (luckily I can use close-captioning on my tv), at the end, Mel Gibson essentially thanks God for his kid's asthma, his daughter's weird habit of leaving water glasses around the house and not cleaning them up, and for the medicine to cure his son.

In reality, Mel probably shouldn't be thanking God for his kid's asthma; L. Frank Baum should be getting royalties or at least some credit for the use of water to vanquish one's enemies; and Mel should be thanking medical scientists who developed drugs for asthma.

Don't rent it, even if you're really bored.

Kelsey Grammer Presents The Sketch Show: This premiered last night on Fox. Funny stuff. Fast-paced with unexpected jokes. If they can continue like this, it could easily become a cult classic, like the Ben Stiller show.