Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Trailer Park Boys 5.2

OK, episode one of season five of Canada's best tv show had me a little worried. It was dull. Obviously they were setting up various plot points that will happen this season, but it was still dull. My main worry was that expanding the season from 8 to 10 episodes was the culprit. I hate to see quality diluted.

However, this week's episode, The Shit Puppets, renewed my faith. Pretty much every character managed to do something stupid. And that was funny. We now see that Cyrus, Dennis and um, I don't remember his name, may be recurring characters, and Mr. Lahey, Randy and Phil Collins (the guy with the gut from Season 4) are a threesome that can compete against Ricky, Julian and Bubbles.

I didn't need Bubbles to point out Lucy's new boobs, and what's going to happen to Trinity? after falling in with the bottle kids.

I look forward to the future episodes.

Warning: the preceding blog entry may have contained spoilers.