Wednesday, June 22, 2005

100th Swoon next week

Next week will be the 100th episode of Swoon on CFBU. I am hoping to do a best of the previous 99 episodes. The other criteria is that they were released during the last two year. I am down to 35 songs, which is far more than the usual 22 that make a 2-hour show. I will have to do some chopping, but here are some that will definitely make the cut.

Mri – sane and sound
Manual – summer haze
Yunus – opus 34
Amon tobin –
Ulrich schnauss
Starkid – crayons
Telefon tel aviv
Unkle – eye for an eyey mode mix
Aphasia – acapulco
Orbital blue album
b. fleischmann – 02/00
scsi-9 all she wants is wighnomy mix
chelonis r jones – I don’t know
2 dollar egg – graphit
lady b – cruising around motor city
chris lake and rowan blades- filth
kosmas epsilon – feed me acid
caribou – brahminy kite
randall jones – cultural assertion
slam – this world robag wruhme mix