Thursday, July 14, 2005

Currently in high rotation

I don't normally post charts or reviews, but these recent releases are too good not to share.

In order of decreasing awesomeness:

Chris Fortier - Balance 007: experimental and danceable. Best mix I've ever heard by him. Three cds long, and it's never boring.

Superpitcher - Today: great tech-house mix.

Ellen Allien - Thrills: German techno and non-cheesy electro. You can spice up any set with these.

Royksopp - The Understanding: better than Melody A.M. More ideas and more symphonic. (Silly me, I always thought it was Royskopp.)

Richard Devine - Cautella: first half is totally mental, like Squarepusher or Aphex Twin. Second half is a little more manageable, but I like it all.

James Zabiela - Renaissance- Utilities: One mix on Live, another on three CDJ1000s.

Susumu Yokota - Symbol: take some really popular classical music. Overlay odd vocals, percussion and synth sounds. Relaxing without being spineless, and better than 1000 lounge and downtempo compilations.

Acid - Can You Jack? Chicago Acid & Experimental House 1985-95. Just like the title says. Groundbreaking tracks from Marshall Jefferson, DJ Pierre, Adonis, Green Velvet and others. Some sound a little dated, others you could drop today and people wouldn't blink.

Armand van Helden - Nympho: rock-house, not punk-funk. Very unique, quite enjoyable. It's not like the single "My My My". More guitars and rock-style singing.

Swamy and Astro & Glyde - Le Souk: house mix from Swamy and prog from Astro & Glyde. Good, but Fortier and Zabiela are better.

Busy month. I wish all months had this much good music.