Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another anti-intelligent design post

It's worth noting that Robert Kirshner, president of the American Astronomical Society, Fred Spilhaus, the American Geophysical Union and others have all issued statements calling President Bush a bonehead for saying intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution.

Best line from the AAS statement:

It doesn’t help to mix in religious ideas like "intelligent design" with the job of understanding what the world is and how it works. It’s hard enough to keep straight how Newton’s Laws work in the Solar System or to understand the mechanisms of human heredity without adding in this confusing and non-scientific agenda.

Best line from the AGU statement:

"Ideas that are based on faith, including intelligent design,' operate in a different sphere and should not be confused with science. Outside the sphere of their laboratories and science classrooms, scientists and students alike may believe what they choose about the origins of life, but inside that sphere, they are bound by the scientific method," AGU President Fred Spilhaus said.

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