Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina, Lake Erie and stupid fishermen

I like watching the boaters at Long Beach Conservation Area. They have many problems and it ends up being an entertaining show. There is no proper ramp, the water is shallow, and the bottom is soft, so many people drive their vehicles out too far and eventually get stuck.

Now, I think everybody in this area knew Hurricane Katrina was going to come Tuesday night, rain a lot, then leave. (How could you not know?) Everybody, apparently, except a group of fishermen from the park.

They decided to put their boat in around 4:30, just when the first sprinkles were beginning. OK, I can understand getting a little fishing in after work.

They stayed out a little too long. When they came in around 9, in the dark and rain, they got stuck putting it on the trailer. I’m pretty sure it took them an hour, in the now pouring rain, to get their boat in, with help from other park residents who were soaked, and probably very unamused to be helping these idiots.

Update: Port Colborne was the big winner in Katrina downfall for Niagara Region, receiving 102 mm of rain. That's the closest town to Long Beach.