Thursday, September 22, 2005

So there's this rumour about gas prices going around...

My sister called me about twenty minutes ago and said there's this big rumour going around that gas prices will skyrocket tomorrow. She says I should get some today to be safe. I'm under 1/4 so I go out.

Everybody else has heard the same rumour. All the gas stations within a one-mile radius have huge lines, at least 30, sometimes 50 cars long. I came home without getting gas.

This is all happening in southern Ontario right now.

I will be curious to see what gas prices are tomorrow. Right now they are $1.03/litre. Supply and demand dictates tomorrows will be huge in any case, with today's demand like crazy. I'm surprised the pumps haven't gone up already.

This is all very strange. I'm starting to realize what the oil embargo in the early 70s was like.