Monday, November 14, 2005

mixmag - still kicking

I bought the October issue of Mixmag last week. I haven't bought an issue in years, so I thought with a cute girl on the cover, an intriguing cd of minimal techno and house by DC10's Loco Dice, and a roundup of this summer's Ibiza season, it would be worth buying.

I was right. Basically, it's the same magazine it always was. A bunch of idiots going out partying and writing about it. It's not as music-centred as Muzik was, it's about clubs, music, DJs, producers and wild nights out.

The best stories were about Armin van Buuren, Soulwax, and two husbands in England whose wives died after taking Ecstasy. One went to jail for nine months, the other, the father of their two kids, killed himself when he found out he was due to be charged with manslaughter. In all, a very sad story.

What I really like about mixmag and other British magazines is their willingness to simultaneously criticize the people they are writing about. They profile Audio Bullys and Armin van Buuren, and say that neither album is going to blow you away.

This does not happen in North America. I have never, ever seen any newspaper come close to suggesting that an actor, writer, or musician's latest work is anything but marvelous. If it isn't, that fact is studiously ignored. Consider this summer's Bewitched remake, with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. It stunk, yet this just doesn't get mentioned by the writers, only the critics.

I have little doubt this has to do with advertising. Judging by the Friday issue of any newspaper, they are obviously making a significant proportion of their advertising revenue with movie ads.

Next month is Mylo, so I'll probably buy it again. His Essential mix was great.