Saturday, January 21, 2006

Real Climate people are the nicest people

See how nice the people at Real Climate are? They spell check for stupid people.

Oh I see. A web blog solely created to debunk and discredit the opinion on human induced global warming as it represented in the book "The State Of Fear" written by Dr. Michael Crichton, who in his numerous speeches on this subject, states over and over that science should have nothing to do with politics and visa versa, creates an alliance with one of the most far left political bash fest blogs found the world wide web. Keep up the good work!And I would bet my house you won't post this comment unless I dare you. I am a regular old house
wife from the good old state of California, who has been following this issue of GW and it's mis-use (as in my children's classes at school) for a few years now.

[Response: Solely to combat Michael Crichton? Hardly. The low level of understanding on this issue in much of what passes for public discourse is a much bigger target than just his (admittedly egregious) example. We've been interviewed my many different media organisations - of which DKos is just one - and if anyone else asks we'll talk to them too. (Oh, and just to show good will, I even corrected your spelling). - gavin]

Comment by JustAHouseWife — 20 Jan 2006 @ 1:33 pm