Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympics thoughts

I have been enjoying the Olympics, but it is starting to wane.

What can be duller than men's figure skating, cross-country skiing and bobsled? Not much. Where have all the Kurt Brownings and Scott Hamiltons gone?

I like the medals, even though they look like blank cds. NBC informed me last night that the Winter Olympics has great flexibility in medal design, while the Summer Olympics are nearly the same.

Snowboard cross? Maybe they will add roller derby at the Summer Olympics for balance.

Jeff Bean's simultaneous loss of both skis is the funniest thing I have seen so far. It's only funny because he wasn't hurt. An amazing recovery after a total disaster.

Next funniest was the Italian ice dancers glare competition after a tumble at the end of the first round. The silent treatment that last right up until their final skate was just as good.

CBC's coverage is, as usual, much better than NBC's. Everytime I turn on CBC in the morning they are covering events live. I switch to NBC, and they're talking about Italian food, or worse, fashion.

NBC's sole bright spot is in skiing, where they use computers to show you two racers at the same time and can see how they pull ahead or fall behind. CBC could use that.