Friday, May 12, 2006

Girl, 11, will be Britain's youngest mother

Should I laugh or cry?

Honestly, I don't think you can make up quotes like:

She told the Sun: "I didn't think I'd get pregnant because it was my first time."

The girl, who has been suspended from her first year of secondary school for fighting, said: "I was paranoid about what my mum was going to say and just frightened about being pregnant too. I was upset and so was my mum, especially as she'd just had my wee brother."

The girl, who has shoulder-length dark hair, began smoking at nine and started drinking tonic wine and vodka cocktails at ten. She laimed her cigarette habit was not harming the health of her unborn child. She said: "I can give up smoking at any time, but I don't find it affects my pregnancy."