Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lost's freakiest ending

OK, I almost lost it at the end of Lost last night. I thought my eyebrows couldn't go any higher after the first shot, but somehow they did.

1) Ana Lucia has to be dead. Can't take a bullet to the heart and not live. Otherwise, it's cheating. I don't care how good a surgeon Jack is.

2) Libby. Saveable. (I hope, she's cute). Two gut shots. People have recovered from worse.

3) Michael. Hmm, might have winged himself, which leads me to:

Hypothesis 1: Michael. is now a Secret Agent for the Others. Him and Henry(?) will now make their escape. The rest presume Michael was wounded and taken away. Only works if Libby dies. Otherwise, they know.

Hypothesis 2: WTF is going on? I have no idea. This show is mental.

I hope next week is new.