Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nature on the most popular science blogs

The journal Nature had Technorati figure out the five most popular science blogs written by scientists in a news story. Here are the winners, with some brief descriptions added by me, and links to their posts about the story.

179th Pharyngula (foaming at the mouth liberal atheist biology professor and evolution defender) Portrait of the blogger
1,647th The Panda’s Thumb (defenders of evolution, dissecters of intelligent design) Nature on Science Blogs
1,884th RealClimate (global warming is real, dammit! Or I'll jam this hockey stick up your ass!)
2,174th Cosmic Variance (A pentarchy of physicists and astrophysicists talk about life, the universe and everything.) Pandering Frivolity
3,429th The Scientific Activist (Never read it, actually. Guess I better start.) The Scientific Activist Ranked #5 in Science Blogging