Friday, October 27, 2006

Mobilee Records' fall releases

Mobilee Records, a German techno and house label founded by Anja Schneider, has had a lot of releases this fall, celebrating its two year anniversary. Here’s the lowdown on their double cd called “Back to Back” and remix packages.

First up is a cd of nine Mobilee singles, none of which have been available on cd before. On a track by track basis, I really like Sebo K’s “Moved”, which is a nice deep house beginning to the compilation. Prosumer’s vocals help keep the vibe going. Anja Schneider is up next, with a heavily looped techno track. It’s good for Djing, but hard to sit through otherwise. Sleeper Thief’s “Full of You” is an interesting minimal track. Exercise One, with “Debaya”, as always, are a bit more propulsive than anything they find around them. Anja Schneider and Sebo K follow with Rancho Relaxo, which is probably the label’s best known release to date, having been played by many DJs and included on several compilations. It’s heavily looped, with an down-up-down-up melody permeating the whole track. In the middle, Detroit-style strings complete the track with some good harmonies. A useful DJ track for sure. Pan-Pot’s “P.O. Box” is deep and rumbly. Gummi HZ brings some weirdness and experimentation with “Isolate”, which is mildly creepy and atonal, and some big sweeping synths. Next is Anja Schneider and Sebo K again, with “Lily of the Valley” another one of Mobilee’s bigger singles. It’s got a looped melody that could be annoying in large doses. Pan Pot finishes the disc with a dose of weirdness, “Black Widow”. It’s quirky and minimal.

The companion disc is a mix of eight remixed Mobilee tracks by Anja Schneider. You can see some of the tracks above in new forms and as they were intended – in a DJ set. I like it. The mixing is smooth and the tracks are well chosen and sequenced.

Mobilee has also released a series of remixes. On Volume 1, Sebo K gives GummiHZ’s “Illuminate” even more loops, and then Prosumer go deep on Sebo K’s “Moved”, dubbing it in an even deeper track than the original.

On Volume 2, Pan Pot provides the best remix of the bunch, with a wicked rework of “Lily of the Valley”. Great percussion. I love the snare drums and the rumbly bass. GummiHz’s remix of “Addicted” is minimal and clunky, and really only for people who like their music more experimental.

On Volume 3, Jesse Rose does two mixes of Pan Pot’s “Black Dog”. His “Pot and Pans edit” is better. Exercise One follows with a mix of “Horizons”. It’s a good techno track.

The double cd is out this week. Some of the remix singles have already been released, others will follow.