Thursday, October 26, 2006

Trailer Park Boys movie review

I went to the Trailer Parks Boys movie last week. It was sort of average, not especially good or bad. I laughed, but it wasn't the funniest thing I've ever seen or heard. I think my audience wasn't the greatest, I laughed out loud more than most other people.

I guess I was expecting more, sort of like the way the South Park movie really eclipsed the show. The TPB movie didn't. I would say any episode from season 3 (my favourite) is better than the movie.

I'm glad they did it and I'm glad I saw it. I'm also glad I went on the $4.20 night (who wants to explain that coincidence?), instead of the regular price.

Go see it anyways. I bet I'd like it more the second time.

Next up: Borat!



Julian's girlfriend was pretty hot.
After many episodes with male nudity, finally, some female nudity.
Cory and Trevor's fuckup is pretty good.
Not enough drinking and dope smoking.

Minuses: (some are spoilers, so close your eyes if you don't want it spoiled.)

Sarah, J-Roc, Tyrone and Barbara are hardly in it.
Ricky never really flies off the handle and does something really stupid, which is a big minus.
Jacob working at the movie theater, of course.
They replaced Trinity. I understand they'd have to, but they could at least have gotten a blonde.
Not enough Randy, Mr. Lahey and George Green.