Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jeff Samuel - Step

The thought of an entire album's worth of Trapez's typically weird glitches (which I like in small doses) made me think I was in for a brutal listening experience, but I was wrong. Jeff Samuel's Step album is actually very smooth tech-house, and a very enjoyable listen.

The album starts out in a strong techno style with "Those Were The Days". It's a great, punchy opening. It's got the electrohouse bassline so many tracks have this year, plus a nice soft synth melody.
"Right Then and There", "The Cave" and "Night Ride" are proper, modern tech-house tracks. Not clicky, not minimal, just simple electronic house.
"You Will Never Know" and "Month to Month" are among the grooviest tracks, which work simple melodies and noises to make very successful tracks.
To break up all the four-on-the-floor, is the downtempo groover "Just Try". It's got some interesting farty noises. "Power Ballard" is slower, with cute percussion.

"Off the Mark" is the only weak track.

It all ends with "I Think They Are Trying To Say Something", which works a lovely harp loop through many variations, while accompanied by soft synth chords and cleverly processed percussion. It's one of the highlights of the album.

Overall, it's a classy album. Released on November 13.