Saturday, December 16, 2006

From Karaoke to Stardom - Mon Dieu Moi Aussi

This release from From Karaoke To Stardom has been out a while, but sometimes I need to let things stew a while before I can realize what they're really like. In short, this is a really cool minimal release.

On the A side is Beat Zen Square Zen Zen. As I said, it's minimal with an up and down bassline and looped bleeps as accompaniment.

B1 is Elastic Time Bubble, which I think is the best track. This time the bassline throbs and oozes, the kick drum is punchier, and the melody is twinkly but haunting.

B2 is Maguliadura. It's more like the B1 track, with another haunting melody, which is accompanied by looped strings. It's a bit more uplifting. It's not as fast as the other tracks and is a nice way to end a fine ep.

It's out now on Rrygular.