Monday, January 29, 2007

Tobias Becker - Trallafitti

Tobias Becker is the owner of the Platzhirsch record label, which released the biggest dancefloor hit of 2006, Gabriel Ananda's "Doppelwhipper (Live)". Trallafitti is Becker's mix cd, highlighting modern techno from many different labels, like Wagon Repair, Spectral, Soma and others from the minimal and traditional scenes.

Simply, the first half is minimal tech-house. It's somewhat experimental, with lots of clunks and bangs, and few basslines. The second half, beginning with Audion's "Hot Air", is where the tempo picks up and the basslines and melodies begin to appear.

Personally, I find the first half to be a little slow, and not very funky. The second is quite good, with a lot of interesting tracks from Marco Carola, Shed and Taksi.
You also get an extremely nice bonus cd: nine tracks from the Platzhirsch label. Three are from Gabriel Ananda, including Doppelwhipper, which, incidentally, is the B-side of Miracelwhop, also included, and Tropophonie, an older, pounding techno track. The six other tracks are all proper techno from Rocco Branco and Jason Emsley.
It's released today, on Platzhirsch.