Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Field - From Here We Go Sublime

In some quarters, this is a highly anticipated techno album. The Field is known for making repetitive, insistent techno. For some people, this kind of music can be downright irritating, for others it is quite appealing.

This album has many similarities with The Field's previous eps on Kompakt. The track that begins the album, "Over The Ice", comes from his most recent. It is chugging techno with strings and female vocal snippets that are cut up and stuttered. It sounds like a lot of techno and trance, but The Field uses unusual chord progressions that don't appear in dance music often.

The next track, "A Paw In My Face", also comes from the same ep. It's good, and a bit smoother and less aggressive than the opener. It has a cheery guitar melody.

An original track to this album, "God Things End", is certainly the deepest on the album. It's fast and bass-heavy. "The Little Heart Beats So Fast" with a bassline that is downright funky.

"Everday" is another techno track, although it's fast, it's simple and has a more laid-back feel than some of the earlier tracks, with some cheery female vocal (cut-up, of course).

For the rest of the album (four more tracks), you can pretty much get the picture. It's Field-style techno, just like everything that's come before, except for the ambient ending.

And as a Field album, it's good. So if you like his previous releases, you will like this. If you've had a mild interest in his previous releases, you should give this a try, because there is enough diversity that you can probably find something you will like. If you don't like The Field, you won't like this album.

It will be released March 26 on Kompakt.