Monday, February 26, 2007

Gui Boratto - Chromophobia

Gui Boratto's Chromophobia comes out today, and it is an album that is certainly worth checking out. The Brazilian producer has released many noteworthy eps, singles and remixes in the past two years.

This album, his debut full-length, has plenty of variety and fits together well as a complete album. It's not just a bunch of dance tracks slammed together.

The album begins with "Scene", a tinkly ambient opening. It moves quickly into "Mr. Decay", a minimal techno track. "Terminal" comes next with a little more electro-funk, followed by "Gate 7", a pure techno track I have never been able to get into.

The techno continues, with "Shebang" another good track with a looped melody and shuffly percussion. "Chromophobia" follows with more techno, and less melody. "The Blessing" keeps the techno coming, with more complicated percussion.

"Mala Strana" then divides the album, with a short ambient interlude. After this, things calm down. "Acrostico" is gentle electronica, and after that is "Xilo", a short trip back into slower, bleepy techno.

Then comes "Beautiful Life", which is an excellent vocal track. I hope it will be played in many, many dance clubs, because it's great.

The album is then wrapped up with "Hera", a fine electrohouse track, and "The Verdict", a spacy, slow, electronica ending.

If you want to cherry-pick tracks, "Beautiful Life", "Hera" and "Shebang" are my favourites. But it's all good. It's also out today on Kompakt.