Friday, March 16, 2007

The Black Dog - Book of Dogma

Soma Records is re-issuing all of the early Black Dog eps. Yay! I already bought it from bleep. 22 tracks for $9.99. Pretty hard to go wrong. There are many great tracks, especially Ambience With Teeth, Vanttool, Virtual, and more. Anybody who listens to my show regularly has heard these and more. I think I will just quote part of the Bleep mailout, since it says what I'd want to say:

Terms like seminal and legendary get bandied around in the music industry so much that they've lost their meaning. The Black Dog though are one of the few electronica acts of the past twenty years who genuinely deserve those epithets. Emerging from the wreckage of rave in the late eighties, their unique take on the breakbeat sound was initally a little too different for the ever cautious music industry, with no outlet for their music the band released their first 3 EPs on their own label. Of course the world soon came round to their way of thinking and by the time Warp released Bytes as part of the Artificial Intelligence series they were already being hailed as the nascent genre's leading lights.

The Black
Dog - Book Of Dogma (Soma)

If you hear a loud wailing and gnashing today it's probably just the sound of people who have recently blown 3 figure sums on EBay for these early Black Dog productions realising they could have waited for this fully re-mastered package. Bringing together for the first time the 3 EPs released on their own Black Dog Productions label ('Virtual', 'Age of Slack' and 'Techno Playtime') and the 'Parallel' compilation that later came out on GPR, the tracks contained within showcase a post-hardcore sound as the band looked beyond the then prevailing rave scene and it's self imposed limitations. Mixing elements of detroit techno, UK breakbeat and rave, dub and electro The Black Dog created their own unique sound and whilst some of these early tunes may sound a little rough around the edges they have an energy and vitality that still shines through today.