Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Efdemin - Untitled

Efdemin's "Untitled" album is full of haunting and sad techno. The album starts at a fast clip, with "Knocking At the Grand", a brief opener. Next is the previously released "Lohn Und Brot", a simple minimal track with lots of noises and a deep bassline.

Then comes my favourite tracks, "Le Ratafia" and "Acid Bells". The first is melodic technno, at a relaxed pace. It's not complicated, but it's got nice melody and percussion. "Acid Bells" is the total opposite, with weird, haunting melodies and constant clanging of bells. It's very intense and some people will find it unsettling, but I like it a lot.

There are other decent tracks, like the shuffly "Back To School", the atonal sounds of "Further Back" and the housier "Salix Alba".
"Stately Yes"is certainly the strangest track on the disc, along with the lengthy "April Fool". They are probably the least successful tracks on the album.
The album ends with "Bergwein", which became an underground techno hit last summer. This isn't much of a surprise, the bassline and sweeping strings work together very well.
It will be released on Dial Records on May 7.