Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Luke Fair - Balance 011

Luke Fair is the latest dj from the progressive house scene to do a mix for the Balance series. His two cd mix is very good. When I received my copy I knew some of the artists but did not know a single track, so I wasn't sure what I was in for.

CD1 starts off in a mild mood, and then picks up into a fine house mix. Some of the standout tracks are King Britt's mix of Rich Medina's "Can't Hold Back", which features a great chord loop, Wamdue Project's funky "Home Planet", and Acca's spacy "Rain". In the second half, it gets a little more energetic, with David Holmes "69 Police", Kinka's "Burnin", Nightrider's saxophone bomb "Getaway". Overall, I prefer the first half to the second. It holds together a bit more, and I just like the tracks better.

CD2 is a little more of the progressive sound, and a bit faster. There's some serious funk from Dusk and Prayd, Elektrochemie, and Klmnt. The ending is quite fantastic. The last four tracks, from Marnix, Subtech, Michell and Humate bring things to a wonderful, exciting ending.

Both cds are very melodic, but they never descend into cheesy or excessively weepy territory. It's one of the best Balance releases in the last year or two.