Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tobias Thomas - Please Please Please

Tobias Thomas' Please Please Please is one of the least melodic mix cds I have ever heard. That's not a bad thing, I just wanted to get it out of the way up front. It's minimal, and not melodic.

The first 13 minutes are beatless and almost shapeless, with two abstract tracks from Pantha du Prince and Adolf Noise intermingled. Things pick up as Thomas eases us into some beats with Krause Duo's "Kingpult", before sliding into Johannes Heil's "Aquarius", a suitably submarine track. Then some scratchy noises bring us into Vulva String Quartett's "Wild Wild Berry".

It's followed by various techno tracks from Ricardo Villalobos, The Kooky Scientist (fun acid blippiness), and others from the minimal and techno scenes. Most of the tracks are slower, and as I mentioned before, have no melody to speak of, at least not one that is hummable.

After this section, the speed picks up abruptly, with tracks from Thomas Burger, Reinhard Voigt, and less well known minimal and techno artists. It's a bubbly and fairly funky section.
As a finale, Thomas changes gears again, and goes into a slower, poppy ending anchored by two tracks. The first is by International Pony, with a very out of tune melody. But it's oddly catchy. The second is Thomas Geiger's "Stella Dreams", a house ending with strong female vocals.
It's a very interesting, idiosyncratic mix that certainly stands out from the crowd. There are no commercial hits or anthems to make you rock out. Still, it's a good listen. If you can handle the lack of melody, go for it.
It will be out on Kompakt on April 30.