Friday, April 06, 2007

Why are digital cameras so much more expensive in Canada?

I bought a new digital camera. The model doesn't matter, but for price, what country you buy it in obviously does. After shopping for months, I settled on a camera and began comparison shopping. Eventually, I bought it from Amazon in the US, for a total of $396.50 Canadian, which was the price of the camera plus one spare battery. The same package, from Henry's, a large and well-known Canadian retailer, was $695.37. The difference is $298.87. This goes far, far beyond what one could reasonably expect to pay "extra" for in Canada, such as shipping, exchange rates, tariffs and duties.

To further my point, the camera I bought is replacing an older model. The older model has fewer megapixels and features and more noise in the pictures, according to the reviews. The older model is currently on sale at Sears for $490.19, which would include all taxes, no spare battery. It's also on sale at Futureshop, a Canadian chain owned by Best Buy, and Best Buy Canada, for $376.19, again, all taxes, no spare battery.

So, why are digital camera so much more expensive in Canada? I wish I knew.