Friday, June 15, 2007

From Karaoke to Stardom - Undo Redo Weirdo mix

From Karaoke to Stardom is Jeremy Herpe, a French techno prodcer. Undo Redo Weirdo is a cd compiloing his eps of the last 12 months into a mix. If you like experimental techno with a lot of bass and thump, this is the cd for you.

The cd starts with a moody ambient piece, before kicking into the drums of Stompin Nation, with its warped synth sounds, deep bass and unusual percussion. That is how pretty much all the songs can be described. There are a few added interludes that aren’t on the original eps (all of which are very good) that join various phases of the mix together.

Amid all the pumping bass and percussion, there’s also a few great melodic pieces, especially Magulladura and Pigeons and Smoke Signals.

It’s well mixed, with a good flow that builds to a great ending. If you are into modern techno, this is an essential purchase. It came out this week on rrygular.