Friday, June 01, 2007

June's hot tracks

I haven't posted a top ten in a long time, so there's no point in calling this a June top ten. Let's just say it's tracks I've been enjoying a lot lately. It all comes highly recommended.


Stephan Bodzin: Liebe Ist (Herzblut)
Popnoname: The White Album (Italic)
Thomas Fehlmann: Honigpumpe (Kompakt)
From Karaoke to Stardom: Undo Redo Weirdo mix (Rrygular)
VA: Shut Up and Dance (Ostgut Ton)
Luciano: No Model No Tool (Cadenza)


Gui Boratto: Chromophobia remixes 1 (Kompakt)
Dusty Kid: Anatome EP Volume 1 (Boxer)
One + One: No Pressure/Rover (Renaissance)
Lee Curtiss: Taint EP (Dumb Unit)
Silicone Soul - Bad Machines (Soma)
Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These? (Dynamic Tension)


Troy Pierce, Heartthrob: Horse Nation Amended (M_nus)
KAB, Minilogue: That's A Nice Way To Give Me Feedback (Great Stuff)
Margot - Torch (Extrawelt remix)
Alex Smoke - Prima Materia (Abort mix) (Soma)
Cobblestone Jazz - DMT (Wagon Repair)
Dusty Kid - Milk
Ellen Allien, Apparat: Red Planets (Bpitchcontrol)
Marc Romboy - Sunburst (Simple)
Motiivi Tuntematon - Mankind Failed (Kompakt)
Shiloh - Cafe del Mariachi
Solieb - We Are Moving (Maschine)
Skwerl - All Woman (Defected)