Monday, August 13, 2007

Cristian Vogel - Double Deux

Techno has always seemed like a natural companion to modern dance, but collaborations between the fields have been few and far between, until this year. First, there was Shut Up and Dance! Revisited, between various German producers and the Berghain Ballet. Now, we have Cristian Vogel's Double Deux, a solo artist album.

"Double Deux/Delicado – Music For The Creations Of Gilles Jobin" is the result of Vogel scoring four dance performances for Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin in recent years.

The album begins with "DD Engine", a long, pulsating track that is neither techno nor ambient. Over 15 minutes it moves around wildly over a continuously evolving broken-up beat. It's one of the highlights of the album.

Then a short linker track brings us to "FloPo", a beatless, darker ambient track. It's harder to imagine dancers performing to this, but it would undoutedly be filled with aggressive, impulsive movements.

Another linking track leads to "SxSx", an electric ambient that one could easily mistake for Fennesz. Processing is the key to this track. It's followed by "The Walk", an even more low-key piece with throbbing bass and random percussion elements.

Finally, "The Scream" ends the album. It's not as horrifying as its title implies, and is a long, somewhat soothing glide of an ending. It's almost a drone, but it evolves too quickly. In any case it's a great, relaxing ending.
Overall, it's a fine album, which can properly be called "intelligent dance music".