Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Housewatch - Episode 4.7

A great convergence of ideas this week on House, M.D., but probably not the way the producers intended.

This week's patient had Lyme disease, an infection you get through tick bites. The tick carries a bacteria that it gets from deer and other large forest creatures. It's named for Lyme, Connecticut, and is prevalent throughout New England.

The disease wasn't found very quickly, because the characteristic bulls-eye rash at the site of the bite was hidden under his hair.

Sound familiar? It should. Scrubs used the exact same plot three weeks ago.

Convergent evolution? Two shows of writer independently coming up with the same idea? Unlikely. Most likely, the writers and medical advisers read the same news story or journal article and thought that would make a good story.

One can only imagine the groans from the staff of House, M.D., as they realize Scrubs has beat them to the plot!

If caught in time, Lyme Disease is treatable with antibiotics. If you want to hear an endless "he said, she said" debate, google "post-Lyme syndrome".