Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cadenza Contemporary and Classics

Cadenza has been one of the more popular techno labels in the past few years, with releases from many German and Chilean artists. The label, run by Luciano, has released its first compilation, a two disc set. The first disc is Cadenza Contemporary, a mix of current Cadenza tracks by Luciano, and the second disc is Cadenza Classics, a selection of six older Cadenza tracks.

Luciano's mix is bright and jumpy. Tracks like "Amplified", by Argenis Brito, "Racakadoom", by Petre Inspirescu, and Max Vivanco's "Madre Tierra", are all brisk, upbeat techno. It's a fun mix.

The Classics is a little different. It features some of the label's older, more experimental tracks, such as NSI's "Max Binski" and Luciano and Quenum's "Orange Mistake". It does have Bombero's, one of Luciano's truly classics tracks, and his collaboration with Serafin, "Funk Excrusion", which is another great one.

Buy it for the mix, not the tracks.