Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mobilee - Back to Back 2

Mobilee has released its second compilation. Like the first, it's two discs, the first unmixed, the second mixed. GummiHz is in charge of the compilation and mixing.

This compilation showcases how Mobilee has evolved since the first Back to Back. Where the first compilation was mostly tech-house, this compilation features much more variety. On the unmixed disc there are different genres, ranging from Pan Pot's laid back housy "Faces", to the unusual minimalism of Sleeper Thief's "Cenotes". In between, there are quality tracks from label owner Anja Schneider, with "Belize", the omnipresent Sebo K's "Too Hot", and two exclusives from GummiHz, (real name Alexander Tsotsos).

On the first disc, I like "Faces", Marc Antona's heavily-looped "One More Sugar" and "Cenotes" best.

On the mix, GummiHz pulls together 27 tracks from Mobilee's back catalog. As you'd expect from so many tracks, they go by pretty quickly, and there's often three playing at the same time. But GummiHz is a skilled mixer/editor, and there are plenty of fine moments in the mix, if you are a fan of German minimal, tech-house and techno. I am, so I enjoyed it a lot.