Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Grand Cru 2008

Connaisseur is a German record label, with a solid, if brief history of releasing melodic techno. Grand Cru 2008 is their second label compilation. The first disc is 11 individual tracks, while the second is a 10-track mix by label owner Alex Flitsch.

The first cd features, um, melodic techno. It's easier to point out the non-melodic tracks, which are Patrick Chardronnet's "Percussiontrack" and Sebastian Roya's "Contracorrient", which are more percussive than melodic. The rest are all melodic, modern and groovy. The tracks by Estroe, Federleicht and Kollektiv Turmstrasse are my favourites.

The second cd is a mix of Connaisseur tracks. Stylistically, it sounds much like the unmixed tracks of cd one. My favourites are Estroe's "Driven", Rekleiner's "Dos Caminos", and the long, drawn-out finale, Daniel Stefanik's remix of Ripperton's "Zugunruhe". It's smooth and surprisingly laidback. I doubt it even approaches 130 bpm.

These are high quality tracks, which makes both discs very easy to like.

It will be released on May 28.