Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Onur Ozer - Watergate 01

Onur Ozer made a name for himself last year with his jazzy take on the minimal scene, which resulted in a well-regarded album for Vakant records. Now, he has a mix album coming out on July 21, called Watergate 01. Unsurprisingly, this mix is minimal, with tracks drawing influences from other genres, such as jazz and deep house.

On the ultraminimal side, we have Cabanne and Sammy Dee, best known for their Perlon work, and on the stranger side are Cassy, Jens Zimmermann and taking the cake with a really weird throbbing breakdown, Patrice Baumel.

The funkiest tracks are Dewalta's "Salgaro", which opens the album, Cassy's "April" (if you can handle the repetition), and Mimosa's "Sensitiva" (a collaboration between Ozer and Tobi Neumann).

Overall, it's a funky, minimal ride. There aren't any clicky tracks, these all have bass lines,
and there is some kind of melody to most of them, but they certainly aren't the kind of tunes you're going to be humming along with.

The mix has its ups and downs, in the sense that there seem to be different sections with varying energy levels, which is good. It's not a mindless plod through a bunch of new tracks. I like it, but it may not have too much appeal outside the techno and minimal scenes.