Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quivver - Dirty Nails And Vapour Trails

Breaking new ground? No. Inventing new genres? No. Quality stuff from an established producer? Definitely. It's the new Quivver album from John Graham.

Graham has been producing music for over ten years, notably as a member of Tilt, and also on his own as Space Manoeuvres and Stoneproof.

The album gets off to a progressive house start with "Surin", a melodic, synth driven track. It's followed by "Chasin' a Feelin", which was notably caned by Sasha this spring at the WMC and his and John Digweed's subsequent USA Tour. It's a fast breakbeat track that recalls the simple, early jungle and drum and bass tracks of the 90s. It's enjoyable and uplifting, and not hard at all to see why it's been popular with Sasha. Graham's also the singer on this and the other album tracks.

He slows down the breaks for the next track, "What's Not Goin On". Again, it features his vocals. "Tick Tick" follows it, again with break beats, but without vocals, and with a much deeper vibe.

Then comes another of the big hits from Sasha and Digweed's tour, "2 Notes 'n' A Beat", which is probably the deepest track on the album. It's pure progressive house and a simple but effective weapon for the dancefloor.

A similar track comes next, "Dancing in Darkrooms", which was one of his singles from 2007. It's a great track and certainly worth including.

It's followed by "Fallin'", a short interlude that one can take or leave. "Ghosts" is next, with Graham singing over brisk breakbeats, deep bass and strings. It's a good track. Maybe not strictly for the dancefloor, but it's something that works well in the context of a complete album.

The album ends with an ambient version of "These Are The Days", a single from 2004. Throughout, I keep having the feeling that beats are going to come crashing in, but they never do. It's a tease that leaves me wanting more.

It will be out next week (July 29) on Graham's own Boz Boz record label.