Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Behrouz - Pure Behrouz NYC

San Francisco DJ Behrouz has a new double-cd mix out today. It's called Pure Behrouz NYC, and it's quite good. Roughly, disc one is house, disc two is melodic techno. But there's a good degree of overlap.

On cd one, some of the highlights Studio Aparment's "I'm In Love", Scope's "Strung Out", Manuel Tur's dub of Nick Holder's "Time", and Milton Jackson and Sei A's "Glasgow Kiss", which helps take the final 20 minutes of disc one in a melodic, progressive house direction. Overall it's a groovy house mix. There aren't many peak-time monsters designed to raise the roof, but I have no problem a room full of people having a good time dancing to it.

On cd two, the tracks I like best are from Aril Brikkha, Gregor Tresher and Nu Frequency. It starts deep and stays that way for most of the cd. Somewhat surpisingly, it lightens up near the end instead of going for a big, dramatic conclusion.

Overall, it's an interesting and well-chosen mix, especially if you are looking for something melodic, danceable, and definitely not minimal.