Wednesday, June 17, 2009

National Post's Junk Science comedy week

The National Post has chosen to embarrass itself further this week, as its Financial Post editorial pages host a Junk Science week. Supposedly, guest columnists will highlight the abuse of science. One expects their usual climate change deniers, Peter Foster, Terence Corcoran, Lorne Gunter and Lawrence Solomon will bring the stupid later this week.

It's been going on for two days already. So far, they've dredged up three climate change deniers, or "skeptics". Yesterday was Roger Pielke Jr., and today it's Heartland Institute conference participants J. Scott Armstrong and Kestan Green. You can read what Real Climate has had to say about their previous analyses.

They are also hosting a rubber ducky prize for worst abuse of science. The phrases "pot calling the kettle black", "physician, heal thyself", "take a look in the mirror", all come to mind.