Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snow Leopard, mostly bad for me

Things I like about Snow Leopard:
  • 13 GB smaller than Leopard.
  • Can play music files from the Finder.

Things I don't like about Snow Leopard:
  • The new itunes icon is fine for files, but they didn't change it in the Dock for the program.
  • I can't setup and print through a Windows computer. I could in Leopard.
  • Programs are launching much more slowly. Not just one, all of them.
  • The computer doesn't go to sleep on its own.
  • The computer goes to sleep in about 12 seconds, as opposed to two in Leopard.
  • Mail isn't correctly counting the messages in my inbox. There are 7 messages, not 78, which it has apparently counted since the "upgrade", despite the fact that 71 have been moved to different folders.