Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lost - The Endings I Don't Want

Hello producers of Lost. You have a big ending coming up and I'm sure you're excited. I am too. It's probably too late to change your minds, but I hope you followed these rules in crafting the series' finale.

  1. No multiple universes. Can't mix happy and sad worlds.
  2. No alternate endings on the internet. Pick one and go with it.
  3. No killing everybody. That's cheating.
  4. No loose threads for sequels, movies, books and so on. I'm not interested in those.
  5. No "it was all a dream". That's Dallas. And Newhart.
  6. No pressing the big reset button. That's Star Trek: Voyager.
  7. No Sopranos-style cut-off. You will upset a lot of people.

Thank you, and good luck.