Thursday, June 03, 2010

arxiv vs. snarxiv

 The world wide web was invented to share physics data. I don't know if arXiv vs. snarXiv is what Tim Berners-Lee actually had in mind, but give it a try:

The snarXiv is a game of “computer-generated mad libs” that presents intelligently-constructed abstracts for hep-th (high energy physics: theory) papers. It’s a little more sophisticated than filling-in-the-blanks—as David explains on his blog—but the punchline is that these “fake” abstracts often sound like actual papers one might read. It’s been a big hit with grad students who, I think, sympathize with the feeling of not understanding paper abstracts due to jargon. (The feeling passes with time… very gradually.)

So far, I am at 9 out of 14, rating me as a physics undergraduate. Some of these titles are quite ridiculous.

Courtesy the US LHC blog.