Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First pass at finding Best of 2010 material

This is a first pass through playlists, tracklists and itunes. It looks like I have a lot of selecting to do. I'm thinking two two-hours shows in January year to cover 2010. However it happens, it will probably end up coming from this list.

Best of 2010

MRI - Filthy Lesson
Butch - Joy
Four Tet - something from the album
Basic Soul Unit - NIght Heat
Christian Martin - Ghosts
Kev O-Brien - Valentines and 909s (Manik mix)
Prompt - Desde El...
SIS - Lola
Jet Project - Understand This
Fuckpony - I’m Burning Inside (Paul Ritch remix)
Nikola Gala - The Vandal
Radio Slave - I Don’t Need A Cure For This
Africa Hi-tech - How Does It Make U Feel
Enola - Proud to be Somebody
Horror Inc. - Dans La Nuit
Riva Starr - Tribute
Touane - The Hornet pt1
Ninca Leece - Feed Me Rainbows (Public Lover remix)
DUM - All Over Your Face
Ramadanman and Midland - Your Words Matter
Mathew Jonson - Sunday Disco Romance
Kenton Slash Demon - Matter
The Machine - Opening Ceremony
Heiki - Making Up Words
My My & Emika - Price Tag
Mike Shannon - Under the Radar
Stefny - Echinodon
Inkwell - Kneesocks
Cobblestone Jazz - Chance
Azari - Indigo
Butch - Joy
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey

Aberrant - Callisto
King Unique - 2000000 Suns
Carlo Lio - Purple Soul
Carl Craig - At Les (Tronic Treatment Remix)
Daniel Mehlhart - Deep Crazy Synth
Estroe - Taxotere
Kuniyuki Takahashi - Mercury (dub mix)
Luis Junior - BG
SIS - Scream
Tom Middleton - 10:10
Martyn - Seventy Four (Redshape mix)
Arandel  - In D 1
Richard Seeley - Monk
Abe Duque - Hypocrisy (John Digweed & Nick Muir Dub)
Sissy Nobby - Lay Me Down (L-vis 1990 remix)
Orbital - The Gun Is Good
Sasha - Sparky Lives v-rtek mix
Adam Marshall - Champion
Jurek P - La Piece Blue (Paul extended remix)
Quenum - Just Take It
Soundzacken - We Came Together
Traversable Wormhole - Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann remix)
Information Ghetto - Applause Phenomena
Takt Tic - U1
Tiga - Overtime (Beyer and Dahlback main mix)
Roman Flugel - Brian Le Bon
Substance - Gestalts
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Helicopter
Jori Hulkonnen - I am Dead (Guy J remix)
Henry Saiz - They Came from the Light
Pryda - Inspiration/Rymd

Scuba - Lights Out
Jahcoozi - Barefoot Dub (Ramandanman refix)
Peverelist - Infinity is Now
Headhunter - Sex at the Prom
Kyle Hall - Kaychunk
LV, Quarta 330 - Hylo
Instra:mental - Vicodin
Ruckspin - Give
Ruckspin - Venus Project
Ital Tek - Moment in Blue ep
Addison Groove - Footcrab
Mount Kimbie - At Least (Instra:mental remix)
Tiga - Gentle Giant (Martyn’s Heaven remix)
Elgato - Tonight
Shackleton - Come Up
Shackleton - Deadman
Pangaea - Why
Burial - Fostercare
Sistol - On The Bright Side (Scuba remix)
Kode 9 - You Don’t Wash (Martyn remix)
Benga - I Come From London
Skream - Rollin Kicks

Post (insert genre here)
Hissy Fit - Outdoor Life
Hypeartist - Buddha Goes Clubbing (Paul Lyman mix)
Take - Begin End Begin
Walls - Hang Four
Christian Martin - Song for Pop
Bonjay -
Avus - Poppy
Ill Blu - Bellion
Mount Kimbie - Blind Night Errand
Actress - Supreme Cunnilingus
Flying Lotus - Table Tennis
Circlesquare - Hey You Guys (Audiofetish remix)
Egyptrixx - Everybody Bleeding
James Blake - CMYK
Jozif - Suddenly Somethin
Trentemoller - Silver Surfer, Lulu Rouge mix
Ms Thing and Psycho Tanbad - Bonify
Lokae - City Lights
Jules Chaz -
the Black Dog - Terminal EMA
Raudive - Entrance
Seuil & dOP - Glory Hole
Sepalcure - The Warning
Dino Sabatini - Stheno
Jobody - E Scape 1
dOP - Love Ride
Len Faki - Kraft und LIcht
Caribou - Odessa
Crystal Castles - Pap Smear
Slacker - Help Me Here
Marcel Dettmann - Argon
James Blake - the Bells Sketch
Pantha du Prince - Es Schneit
Gonjasufi - Kowboyz and Indians
Trentemoller - Even Though You’re With Another Girl (Mikael Simpson version)