Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nectar Wars of Tandayapa

This is a really great demonstration of hummingbird feeding techniques and strategies at 10,000 birds. I've actually been to this lodge, and seen some of these species.

Nectar Wars of Tandayapa: "
Few living things are created perfect. But I think hummingbirds are as close to evolutionary perfection as one can get. These enchanting nectar feeders have truly mastered the art of flight like no other bird. A high metabolism and the ability to rotate their wings through 180 degrees enables these little gems to fly forward, backward and pretty much everything in between. But what is really remarkable about hummingbirds is the way that each particular species has filled its own niche in the constant battle for nectar. Collecting nectar is not a random occurrence. This is the story of the nectar wars from Tandayapa Lodge in north-west Ecuador.
Tandayapa Lodge is hummingbird heaven. Nestled in cloud forest at 6000 feet on the western slope of northern Ecuador, this place is a true birding lodge with comfortable accommodations, excellent birding leaders and great tasting coffee. If you want to see a dazzling variety of hummingbird species in a short amount of time, then this is the lodge for you. Its not uncommon to see 14 of 15 different species at the hummingbird feeders before you have finished your morning cup of coffee.