Monday, February 06, 2023

Swoon 777

 Binomial and V-Cious - Zaphirus - Borealis (Traum)

Phairo - Dwemer Sphere 

Alex Banks - Projections - Into the Real (Mesh)

Sailor & I, Baron Grand - X2 - Fate (Just This)

Bottler - Cicada Rhythm (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (Infine)

Dee Montero - Solean (Henri Bergmann remix) (Renaissance)

Jonathan Kaspar - Overfree - Ten (Crosstown Rebels)

Perfect Mood - The Way I Feel (Amber)

Thomas Newson - Bad Girls (Controversia)

ManyFew x Mr. Belt &Wezol - Body Rock (Spinning)

Luke Maximian - August 

Rowan - Something’s Just Happen (Anas M remix) (Simple Things)

Senzala - D.O.D. (Rebellion)

Dan McKee - It Goes (Vicious Black)

Emmanuel Jan and Love Or Nothing - Lele (Spinning Deep)

Al x Hybridus - Phospholipide

FAngo - E Dee - L Cang 

Dario Santana -  Cappers Tao Tao (Hard cutz)

Cioz Ryan Murgatroyd - Wachaka (Stil Vor Talent)

Stephan Bodzin - Tron (Mathew Jonson’s vía dub) (Systematic)

Brotech - Safari (Le Pari)

Nur Jaber - In My Memory - Dance Dance (OSF)

Thursday, February 02, 2023

Swoon 776

 Lauren Ritter, Tenesha the Wordsmith - Dopamine (Rift Vision)

O’o - Spin (Arthur Hnatek remix) (infine)

Kislo - Heirloom

Sasha, Pumarosa - Just Us (remix) (Last Night on Earth) 

Maga, Sean Dorn - Starlight (Scenarios)

Soulfinder - Frankie (Journey Deep)

Ross Harper - Deep Life (City Wall)

Shades of Play - Microdose - No Promises 

Luke Brancaccio and Gai Barone - Boarders (Renaissance)

Tom Zeta - Sa Ca La (Boysbekko remix) 

Maglia - Barde (Rebellion)

Close Relative - Walurs - Sea Horse (Truesoul)

Last 2 Standing - Nights Lights (Reckoning)

Kiwi - String Theory 

Psych  - Scattered (Who Whom)

Rotkeller - Skipper Skipper (Thrones) 

Ecilo - Picth Loop Mode (Synthetic Sounds)

Adam Beyer, DJ Rush - Control (Anna remix) (Drumcode)

Kaiserdisco - Together One time (Drumcode)

Marc Romboy and Osiris - First Blush (Systematic)

apaull - 4Sol - March Song (Furnace Room)

Monday, January 30, 2023

Swoon 775

 Citizen Kain - Kiss Me Again (Unseen)

Vita V - Collapse My Soul (Renaissance)

RSS Disco - Tan Lines and Fizzy Wine (Magic Jams remix)

Konrad Ritter - NEPH - Bristol Nights (Unreel)

Sally C - Give it to Me (Big Saldo’s Chunkers)

BMW - Jump Around - Music 

Mr. Lekka and Jan Danen - ID (Adesso)

James iD - Voices 

The Angels and Shrii - Feeling Good (House Music With Love)

Joplin - We Will Forgive Ourselves (MK Dub) (Crosstown Rebels)

Simon Doty - Reality Check

Boogie Vice - Live Together (Big Top Amsterdam)

Fabio Neural Dj Fronter - Shocked (Hot Creations)

Tom Zeta - Casi Listo 

Luke Brancaccio & Guy Barone - Little Pictures (Renaissance)

Sasha, Mr. Sosa - Who U Are (Last Night on Earth)

Ron Feller - Valera (Element Euphoria)

Small Bear - Gonna Leave Your (hotseat)

Alex Banks - A Way Out (Mesh)

Roboknob - Marked Tree (Macro)

Rookley - Outro (Aimend)

Friday, January 27, 2023

Swoon 774

 SEYK - Make Your Body Move 

Anna Kost - The Very End of You (Who Whom)

Rome in Reverse - Jump (Lomea remix) 

Rookley - Playground - Panic (Aimend)

John Tejada - Sleepwalker (Unafraid) (Palette)

Lauren Ritter, Tenesha the Wordsmith - Particles of Sound (Rift Vision)

Satori - Dreaming Colours - Tuti (crosstown Rebels)

Sid le Rock - Invisible Nation - Eerie Loon (Beachcoma)

Boo - We Should All Get Lost - Once, Everything Was Unknown (Traum)

Francisco Allen’s - What You Do (Crosstown Rebels)

DJ Rebecca - Freak (Antonio Caballero Dub) (Panama Red)

Luigi Rocca - Icaro (Tim Cullen Extended remix) 

Redondo & funkerman - Play With You 

Luca Guerrieri - Cuadro (Double Vision)

Sally C - Nasty (Big Saldo’s Chunkers)

BMW - Jump Around - Deeper 

BLR - Jameela (FRCST)

Suray Certain - Midnight Delivery (Altered States)

Krankbrother - All Her Loneliness (Krankbrother)

ROWA - Cucumber - Bitter (Traum)

Blush - Tauri (Hunter/game remix) (Just This)

Vhaera - Harmattan - Sirocco 

Close Relative - Walrus (Drumcode)

Sasha, Alex Banks - Australia (Last NIght on Earth)

Kiwi - More Raves (Hedonistic Tendencies)

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Swoon 773

 Shades of Play - Microdose - Mirrors and Masks

Boo - We Should All Get Lost (High on Mars remix) (Trapez)

Simon Doty - Airlift

Samuel Wonder - It’s All For You

David Hasert, Francesco Mama, Lena - Hometown 

Ingemann - Organic Records 5 - Alone (Organic)

Bottler - Tacoma (infine)

Galafunk - Byte

Joseph Ashworth - Stay - Pepper (Sound of Outside)

Maglia - Chouia - Biskra (Rebellion)

Jacob Colon - Take It 

Luca guerrero - Lunar Food (Double vision)

Roboknob - Gyration (Macro)

ROWA - Cucumber - Sweet (Traum)

Krankbrother - Get Together (Krankbrother)

Classmatic - Toma Dale (Hot Creations)

BMW - Jump Around 

SEYK - Kokoro 

Julian Jeweils - Minuit (Truesoul)

Vhaera - Harmattan 

Sasha, Photek - Aviator (Last Night on Earth)

DYNMT - The Park Down the Hill

Super Frog Saves Tokyo - Straw Man - Lament (EA)

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Swoon 772

Simon Doty - Living Sound (Anjunadeep)

Ian Blevins - Welcomes (Secretsundaze remix) (Just Jack)

Nickelson - Gas Powered (Wild Action)

Sid le Rock - Invisible Nation - Gitchegomee (Beachcoma)

Mar Io - A Part of Future and Space (iCe Remix) (Broque)

Garden State - Devotion (Traum)

False Intentions - Waves of the Red Sea (Organic)

T. Nguyễn - Love, Mercy Justice (outofprint)


Seth Troxler and Jaden Thompson - Talking Walls (Crosstown Rebels)

Maga, Sean Doron, Tim Engelhardt - You & I, Paradise (Scenarios)

Rob Wruhme - Bortonkk 21 (TOR)

Konrad Ritter, NEPH - Friends with Time (Riezmaster)

Tibi Dabo - Isla - Mothball (Crosstown Rebels)

One - Ghosts (Inline)

Raphael Mader - Blinding (Renaissance)

Simon Tagias - Mattel 

Maxlon - Zephyrus (Nativ)

Jesse Rivera - It’s Alright

Cristina Lazic - Burning (Rebellion)

Lucas Alexander - La Di Da (Moxy Muzik)

Guy Mac - Wake Wake (Hot Creations)

Monday, January 24, 2022

Swoon 771 - January 24, 2022

 Jim Rivers - Merin 3 - Orchidaceae (Renaissance)

Tim Green - New Life (Lost Desert’s Don’t Cry remix) 

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Callisto (Ben Bohmer remix) (Systematic)

YokoO & Attisch - Atman (Stay)

Construction - Nervous (Katerina’s Tension remix)

Sarah Aristidou and Kaan Bulak - Agapo (Ricardo Villalobos remix) (Feral Note)

Oscar L and Weak - Bad Tape (Truesoul)

Patrick Sikh - Acid Monday 

Garden State - 1995 (Simon Doty’s I Made Trance remix)

Daniel Durban - Cypher (Dark+White Rabbits)

Floormagnet - She 

Glen Molloy - Etc Etc (Sean McClellan remix)

Snow N Stuff - RAW (Snow ’n’ Stuff)

Ellen Allien - Rosen (UFO Inc.)

C.Z. - Heat Index (Ever)

Stefan Goldmann - Sawhorse (Macro)

Tangerine Dream - Raum (Kscope)

Secret of Elements - Grace (Inline)

The Black Dog - Music for Photographers - Lightroom Lies, Darkroom Doom (Dust Science)