Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Swoon 006 – July 28, 2003

Bola – Vertiphon (Skam)
Dictaphone – The E.song (City Centre Offices)
Coba – After Dinner (Plaid mix) (Peacefrog)
Icebreaker International and Manual – A Thousand Years (Morr)
Mum – There Is A Number Of Small Things (Fatcat)
Ulrich Schnauss – Clear Days (City Centre Offices)
Transillusion – Bump It (Rephlex)
AFX – Run the Place Red (Men)
DJ Scud – Coldharbour Lane 2002 (Rephlex)
Autechre – Vose In (Warp)
Starkids – Crayons
Mavi – Sufi (Regress)
Madonna – Music (Yunus remix)
Chickens Lips – He Not In (Mutiny mix) (Azuli)
Alicia Keys – Troubles (Jay-J and Chris Lum mix)
Adam Freeland – Smells Like Nirvana
DJ Shine – First Snow (nice+smooth)
SCSI-9 – Just Married (Forcetracks)
Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu – It’s Grim Up North (KLF Communications)