Monday, September 01, 2003

Swoon 010 - August 25, 2003

Jan Jelinek avec the Exposures - If's, And's and But's (~scape)
Graham Flett - This Raft Is Going To The Countryside (CDR)
Jello - Damask (Peacefrog)
Telefon Tel Aviv - What's The Use Of Feet If You Haven't Got Legs?
Doubleclick and Amon Tobin - Ownage (Ninja Tune)
Tim Tetlow - Alpha Emotion (Planet mu)
Chris Jongkind - Ueno (CDR)
T. Raumschmiere - Random Noize Muzick (Shitkatapult)
Speed Jack - Storm (R&S)
Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks - Chimy (Worthy)
Solvent - When The Sun Hits (Morr Music)
21st Century Fux - Sunspirit (Ivan Gouch and Luke Chable mix)
Momu - Donner Pass (Bedrock Breaks)
James Holden - I Have Put Out The Light (Silver Planet)
Yunus - Opus 34 (Bedrock)
Tyler Stadius and Jay Tripwire - d-u-b
Lee Cabrera - Shake It (Stonebridge mix)
Lucy Woodward - Blindsided (Scumfrog mix) (CDR)
Demon - Lilfuck (Fuckin serious edit)
Jamez - Testpilot (Mute)
GTO - Pure